LIIFT Yourself to a Happier Life

What is LIIFT?

Please listen to the radio interview provided below featuring a full explanation by LIIFT founder, Brian Eastman.

LIIFT is the "Life Improving Internal Focus Technique." LIIFT helps people heal from grief, trauma, stress, emotional difficulties and failure-to-thrive situations. Healing happens without the discomfort of talking about private and personal details. It has proven effective for short-term issues, and life-long issues. It has been helpful for clients with issues such as bipolar and post traumatic stress disorder.

The LIIFT process is a simple, nonlinear, and self directed journey. Guided by the healer or counselor the process helps the client access their subconscious wisdom and traumatic memories, then determines the most efficient path to healing. Often a major release of trauma can be accomplished quickly. Complete changes in life trajectory have occurred in one to four sessions. Even clients with unresolved issues after years of therapy, have completed their healing in just months.

Many times a LIIFT healing changes a client's world experience so completely that the client requires outside input to realize the healing has happened. So LIIFT helps the client to chart her/his healing process by providing a unique set of metrics that measure the healing as it progresses. Thus the client sees clearly the healing which has occurred and where healing is still needed.

Six Key Concepts Which Enable LIIFT Clients to Quickly Heal

According to LIIFT founder, Brian Eastman, there are six key concepts that enable his clients to heal quickly.

Recently, one of my clients said to me, "I don't really understand LIIFT and I guess I don't need to. I'm already having a happier life and it's only been three sessions. But I'd like to know how LIIFT works." She asked if I had any written explanation she could read. I didn't then. So I wrote the following detailing the concepts which form this method for quickly healing emotional damage. She has a copy. And now I am sharing it with you.

1. Your Internal Operating Software can govern what happens in your life.

Your subconscious wrote your Operating Software based on your life experiences from pre-birth to age 10. The Operating Software consists of lines of "computer code" we call Belief Statements. For example, many LIIFT clients discover their software contains the Belief Statement, "I expect the worst to happen." When they change it to "I expect the best to happen and it does," their lives begin to change for better. At age 10, the subconscious ceases to write the Operating Software and activates it to guide your lifelong decision making.

2. Your Internal Operating Software limits good experiences, but you can learn to have more.

In LIIFT we refer to this as the "Upper Limit Problem." During your adult life, this software maintains the same proportion of positive events to negative events as you experienced when young. For instance, a client who experienced much abuse when young will tend to have a lot of bad things happen in adulthood. A LIIFT practitioner can help enable the Internal Operating Software to increase all the upper limits in life to allow more good and happiness.

3. Sometimes remnants of past emotional damage and distress limit the good in your life.

Whether it is the raw grief of losing someone special, corrosive memories of having been bullied, or long-held trauma from war or abuse, many people carry around a backpack of emotional boulders. Carrying all those boulders saps life energy. LIIFT helps clients to quickly drop each boulder so they are freed from the weight.

4. Your subconscious will tell you what to do for fastest healing.

A study of psychiatric sessions found that people heal emotional damage fastest when they let their subconscious show the way. So LIIFT relies on a client's subconscious to direct the fastest way to heal.

5. LIIFT enables you to chart your healing progress.

At the beginning of each session, we can measure the client's Upper Limits of Good. We measure again at the end of the session. For instance, a client is able to watch her "Positive Relationships" limit rise 12 points, from 28% to 42%, in just the first session! It is possible to see progress each session.

6. LIIFT is a new way of emotional healing.

It works differently than psychological counseling or a conventional therapy process. However some therapists encourage their clients to also work with LIIFT to speed their therapeutic progress. With LIIFT, you never have to remember or talk about what happened. You just heal the damage. LIIFT isn't costly or lengthy. Adults heal quickly, typically in just months. Children and teens heal even faster.